Pro Bono Pledge Ireland is the first collaborative effort in Ireland to articulate the shared professional responsibility of lawyers to promote access to justice and provide pro bono legal assistance to those in need. The Pledge sets out the core values of such work to assist both those who undertake it and their clients.

The Pledge was developed by an independent grouping of law firms, barristers, and in-house legal teams with a presence in the Republic of Ireland who has come together to affirm their commitment to delivering pro bono services in Ireland. The Pledge is coordinated by PILA (the Public Law Alliance, a project of FLAC).

Launched on 26 November 2020, the Pledge provides a common definition of pro bono, a commitment to a minimum aspirational target of 20 pro bono hours per lawyer per year, and a mechanism to benchmark progress through annual reporting of anonymous pro bono data.

All barristers, law firms, individual solicitors, and in-house legal teams are welcome to join the Pledge.

Click here to read the Pledge.

Click here to read the Reporting Guidelines.

Click here to read the inaugural Pro Bono Pledge Report 2022